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securitypoint | UK: Global Services to the Security Sector

securitypoint | UK are a UK based solutions provider to the security industry offering a range of services providing security manufacturers with a singe point solution to deliver exceptional Customer experience through products, processes and our people.
We understand Security
We understand Customers
We understand Service

Our passion lies in helping security businesses deliver innovative solutions and services which drive Customer satisfaction and long term loyalty. Our services range from acting as importers, UK distributor and platform managers through to providing support and payment services to enable manufacturers to effectively support their Customer base.

Such is our desire to deliver an unparalleled Customer experience we provide innovative support services 365 days a year, 14 hours a day harnessing the power of remote support technology to keep Customers secure in their homes and vehicles whilst enhancing manufacturer brands. 

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For over 35 years, our team have been involved in all aspects of the security industry from manufacturing through to distribution across a wide range of sub sectors including locks, alarms, satellite tracking and security communications. Our service portfolio delivers across three principle areas:

Delivering payment and subscription services

Helping businesses move into new product areas by providing product sourcing / manufacturing, importing and technology based solutions

Online remote support services

Our team have a wide and diverse range of skills from across the business spectrum, all of which are utilised with our clients to deliver an outstanding service experience to both our direct clients and their Customers.

We deliver through discipline and a keen focus on compliance and our clients benefit from a team who have experience of not just the security sector but legal, financial services and manufacturing with specific skills in project management and Lean Six Sygma methodology.

Unlike other service providers we only work within sectors that we have a real passion for and one for which we believe we can add value.